4 Steps to Getting a Maine Medical Marijuana Card

on April 30, 2020

For those who want to be Maine medical marijuana card holders, it can sometimes be confusing on where to start or how to get your card.

We’ve made it simple. Here are the 4 steps to follow to get your Maine medical cannabis card.

1. Understand the laws.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself (and your cannabis use) is get acquainted with the current Maine laws. Since there have been many changes in the rules and regulations surrounding medical marijuana in Maine – dating back to 1999 – we get that it can be confusing.

Click here to get an updated look at the Maine marijuana laws.

2. Find a medical marijuana practitioner.

Historically, each state has unique qualifying conditions that they will allow medical cannabis use to treat. While Maine had required qualifying conditions in the past, an amendment was passed in 2018 which left the sole qualification as up to the discretion of your cannabis practitioner or doctor.

If your doctor is not open to the idea of prescribing cannabis for your condition(s), you’ll find a helpful list of caregivers, practitioners, and doctors in the link below. Online appointments can also be made.

To obtain your medical marijuana card, you may need:

  • Maine driver’s license
  • Valid payment: you may be responsible for the doctor or practitioner visit fee, as well as a $100 application fee
  • Medical records: should you seek qualification through a doctor who isn’t your PCP, make sure you bring medical records with you

Looking for a Maine medical marijuana practitioner or doctor in your area? Find one here.

3. Get your certificate.

Once you are considered a qualified patient, you’ll be provided with a MMJ Certificate. With this certificate, you’ll legally be able to purchase cannabis from a Maine state licensed dispensary. (Some offices will mail you an official card after your visit.)

4. Renew annually.

Remember that you’ll need to renew your medical marijuana card each year in order to continue purchasing cannabis legally. Re-certification will also need to be completed through a doctor, practitioner, or caregiver.

At Hive Medicinal, we’d love to help with your medical marijuana needs as your local Maine dispensary. Take a look at our current products or, better yet, stop by in person!

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