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Sample Sunday

Join us for our very first Sample Sunday!

Snag a sample of a Headable’s edible on the first Sunday of every month!

Minimum purchase of $25 required.

Celebrate With Us

Hive's 5 Year Anniversary

Friday May 31st Hive is celebrating another great year of serving our community.
Hive in Chelsea is turning 5, and Waterville is turning 3!

Both locations will have 15% off all day, and a raffle entry with every purchase!


If you want to celebrate our Adult Use store turning 1 feel free to pop over for a spin of our discount wheel!

Hive Daily Discounts

Save on purchases of $10 or more!

At Hive we believe in making quality medicine as accessible as possible to everyone. From Early Bird deals to social media check-ins, theres always a way to save a little extra at Hive.

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Hive Medicinal Chelsea, Maine

Cherry Punch



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