Dedicated to Sustainably Produced Cannabis for our Maine Community

The Beginning

After being discharged from the Army in 2009, we came home to a changing Maine. Our state was ravaged with opioid abuse and cancer, not to mention chronic pain issues. We needed to find a way out. That November, the medical marijuana program pregoreses, allowing registered caregivers. As medical patients and growers ourselves, it seemed like a no brainer to start serving the patients of Maine. Kennebec Healing was born. As a husband and wife team, we started cultivating cannabis for good. We traveled to Amsterdam, Denver, and LA to find the highest quality strains we would go on to make locally popular.

The Expansion

After 5 years of learning the cultivation ropes, we’d gained enough experience and capital to expand from a 3,000 square foot facility to an 8,500 square foot facility. This was a huge step for us and meant a lot more work. We’ve been up for the task ever since. With a larger space came more responsibility and more patient relationships. Our mission is simple: provide clean, quality cannabis to the residents of Kennebec County. It’s a delicate balance keeping everything in line - from seed to sale - but we are so proud to be managing very well and looking forward to what is next.

Vet Owned & Operated

As Army veterans ourselves, we deeply appreciate the service of our fellow veterans. As a thank you, we start by giving you 20% off in our store and Shop Chronic. Our goal is to create a place where veterans feel like they belong.

Community Roots

Deep roots in Kennebec County gives meaning to everything we do here at Hive. No matter what, we’ll always come back to our Maine neighbors as the reason why we work so diligently to help where we can. That includes giving back to our community.

Sustainably Produced

We’re passionate about where our cannabis originates from. That’s why we only sell top quality marijuana products at Hive. And sustainability doesn’t stop with the products we sell – it’s infused in the way we do business.

What does the future hold for Hive?

The Future

Now that we’ve created a one-of-a-kind experience for you, our next phase is to create a cultivation facility. We are planning a large scale build on our Chelsea property that will house our cultivation facility, Hash Lab, and other offices. We’ll continue to provide sustainably produced marijuana to our Maine community.

Our Goals

  1. Create a community where veterans belong - starting with 20% off at our store and Shop Chronic.
  2. Build a state-of-the-art grow facility in Chelsea, Maine.
  3. Form deep roots in our community by giving back in Kennebec County.
  4. Become more efficient to save money, resources, and our planet.