Provide Top-Quality Medicine and Support to Our Community

The Beginning

After being honorably discharged from the Army in 2009, the Rossos arrived home to discover a changing scene in Maine. The state was ravaged with opioid abuse while communities struggled to help the many suffering from cancer and chronic pain. It was obvious that something needed to be done to help the community for the better. That November, Maine's medical cannabis regulations progressed to allow individual caregiver registration.

Both being medical patients and growers, it was a no-brainer for the Rossos to develop a business to improve the life of patients across Maine. Kennebec Holistic Healing, LLC was born.

The husband and wife team embarked on a journey to build careers around a brand that would make high quality cannabis accessible to those in need. They traveled to Amsterdam, Denver, and Los Angeles with the goal of importing a variety of unique and effective strains that would benefit a growing collection of patients.

The Expansion

Fast forward 5 years: After learning the ins and outs of cultivation, the Rossos gained a wealth of experience to expand operations. With a larger space, came more responsibility, and with patience, more yield. In turn, Kennebec Healing was able to foster an increased number of patient relationships.

As the cannabis movement began to show a positive impact on the community, an overall shift in mentality became evident. Former naysayers' opinions evolved as they realized that medical cannabis wasn't all about having fun and getting high. Former opponents and under-informed consumers began to recognize that cannabis was useful as medicine with effects such as improved appetite and sleep quality, while reducing stress and pain.

The uptick in positivity surrounding cannabis allowed Rossos to fulfill their longtime dream: opening a brick-and-mortar storefront. In May 2019, Hive Medicinal was welcomed by the community of Chelsea with open arms. In 2021, a second Hive storefront was established in Waterville.

Veteran-Owned & Operated

We honor and value the service of our fellow veterans. To show our appreciation, we offer veterans 20% off their entire Hive Medicinal and ShopChronic purchase.. every day! Our goal is to create a place in our community where veterans can feel at home. Thank you for your service!

Community Roots

Our deep roots in Kennebec County serve as the foundation for our commitment to patients and Maine neighbors. Not only do we offer our own indoor-grown cannabis and cannabis products, we also support growers across Maine with alternative product choices. Our end goal is to give back to the community by offering accessible, effective medicine. We look forward to serving you soon!

Quality Medicine & Service

We’re passionate about the origins of our medicine. That’s why we only keep locally sourced, top-quality products on our shelves. And focus on quality doesn’t stop with the products we sell – it’s infused in the way we do business. At Hive, you can expect a top-shelf experience and exemplary service with each and every visit.

What does the future hold for Hive?

The Future

Today, Hive Medicinal is proud to have over 10,000 unique patients with a crew of 18. The Rossos plan to continue their mission of bettering lives at the forefront of every decision they make by providing clean, quality cannabis to the people of Maine and beyond.

Our Goals

  1. Create a community where veterans belong - starting with 20% off at Hive and ShopChronic.
  2. Form deep roots in our community by giving back in Kennebec County.
  3. Strategize ways to become more efficient to help patients save money while saving resources and our planet.