Same Day Med Cards

We want to make sure it is as easy as possible to have access to medicinal cannabis. That’s why we’ve networked with several reputable, local providers. 

Did you know

  1. You can get your medical card in the comfort of your own home?
  2. You don’t need patient records or a referral to get a card
  3. Cards are valid as soon as your appointment is over, we accept digital copies!
  4. Medical cards are between $30 and $50
  5. Medical cannabis is typically 20 – 50% less expensive than adult use (rec) cannabis
Maine Medical Cannabis Certification

Maine Medical Cannabis Certification

Services: Virtual Visits, Same-Day Med Cards, Veteran / Income Restricted Discounts

Marshall Hollinger, CNP

(207) 313-9335

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Cheap Med Cards: Maine

Services: Virtual Visits, Free to Terminal Patients, 50% off for Cancer Patients, Save $5 with code HIVE420!

(800) 919-6583

254 Commercial Street Portland, ME 04101