How to Choose the Right Maine Cannabis Dispensary

on February 24, 2020

Whether you’re looking for a new Maine marijuana dispensary or need to find one closer to home, Hive Medicinal has you covered. Here’s how to choose the right medical cannabis dispensary near you.


It almost goes without saying that location is going to be one of the biggest factors in choosing your favorite Maine dispensary. (But we’re still going to say it.) 

Just like your go-to grocery store or favorite shops, you don’t want to have to drive too far out of the way for your medical cannabis needs. Choose a dispensary near your home or work, in an area you visit often, or a route you often take, that will be easy to pick up your medical marijuana. That way, you can safely use it once you get home.

(If you live or work near Chelsea, Maine, Hive Medicinal is right around the corner!)

Selection & Variety

It goes without saying that a good cannabis selection is important in the right dispensary. If you already have a favorite type, it’s easy enough to confirm with the dispensary that they have it on hand – or are able to acquire it easily. 

If you aren’t sure what type of medical marijuana you like – or are interested in trying some new kinds – your Maine dispensary can give you helpful advice for ways to consume cannabis.

Also, be sure to do your research (and ask dispensary staff the right questions) in order to determine what type of marijuana is right for your symptoms.


More important than a good selection, however, is the quality of the medical marijuana at your dispensary. You can determine the quality of a dispensary’s selection by asking the right questions, learning how the grow room operates, and reading the company’s reviews.

Knowledgeable Staff & Atmosphere

Quality, selection, and a great location are all wonderful features for your go-to Maine dispensary, but it’s also vital to find a business that has both knowledgeable staff and a comfortable atmosphere.

Often, finding the best of these qualities in a dispensary may take some experimentation. Go in and see how the dispensary and grow room feels and whether the staff can help you through the buying process, no matter what your experience level.

Looking for your ideal Maine dispensary? Check out Hive Medicinal and how we can help with your medical marijuana needs. Take a look at our current products or, better yet, stop by in person!

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