Your Weed Grinder Guide: Types of Cannabis Grinders & How to Clean the Grinder

on March 10, 2022

Do you use a grinder for your medical cannabis? If not, perhaps it’s time to consider one.

Read on in this weed grinder guide to learn:

  • What is a grinder used for?
  • Types of Grinders
  • 6 Steps for Cleaning Your Grinder

What is a grinder used for? 

A weed grinder is used to help break down your cannabis bud for a more even smoke. Using a weed grinder is a vital step in your smoking experience, and we highly recommend not skipping this step. 
While, yes, you can break the bud down with your fingers without a grinder; but the smoke will not be as consistent as using an herb grinder. 

Types of Medical Marijuana Grinders

  • Single Chamber

This is the most straightforward grinder, using only one chamber with teeth on the lid that work along with the teeth inside the chamber. This grinder is effortless to use, making it beginner-friendly.

Simply add your buds by pressing them into the teeth in the chamber, snap the lid on, and twist. Twisting causes the two sets of teeth to work together to chop your herb up into tiny pieces.

  • Multi-Chamber

    Much like the grinder above, the only difference is the multi-chamber has additional chambers, much like its name implies. Multi-chamber grinders have a screen used to filter out kief.
  • Rotating blade

    This grinder performs more of a slicing method than a grinding technique. It allows for a more uniform grind.
  • Electric grinders

    Yep, you guessed it! With the electric grinder, you don’t have to do any work; the grinder does it for you! Please always remember to unplug your grinder before cleaning.

6 Steps for Cleaning Your Weed Grinder

It’s essential to keep your grinder clean to continue to work correctly and allow you to enjoy your medical cannabis without mishaps. Also, like with many tools, when particles get caught, they can begin to grow bacteria, which becomes a health concern. Take a few minutes to keep your grinder clean.

Follow the steps below to clean your medical marijuana grinder. Start with the first steps for simple cleaning, then continue on for a deeper clean.

  1. Start by disassembling your grinder. Take all the parts and place them in a freezer for approximately 30 minutes. This will allow the crystals to harden, making cleaning even easier.
  2. Now, take a small fine brush (a new toothbrush works great!) and gently brush out any debris or particles. (Don’t throw out the debris — these particles can be used in creating other products such as resin.)

    You can stop at this point for a quick and simple clean. Keep reading for a deeper clean.
  3. For metal grinders: place parts in a container or bag (a ziplock bag is a good option), cover the pieces with isopropyl alcohol, and let them sit. You can stir or shake to help move the alcohol around the parts.
  4. For plastic grinders: To keep your plastic grinder in good condition, we do not suggest using isopropyl alcohol. This will break down the plastic over time; instead, use soap and water.

    You can also place all the disassembled parts in a pot and bring water to a boil. Once parts have boiled for a good 10 minutes, turn heat off and let sit to cool.
  5. Use a small brush again (like your toothbrush); and give each piece a good scrub.
  6. For all grinders: lay out the clean parts on a dry towel and let them completely air dry before using again. 

Your weed grinder is a worthwhile accessory for smoking. No matter what type you get, ensure you keep yours clean for the best experience.

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