The 8 Biggest Myths & Misconceptions About Hemp

on February 25, 2022

Just like any interesting product, along with it comes a laundry list of myths and misconceptions. As hemp becomes more and more popular, so do the rumors about it. 

It’s important to make sure the information you receive about medical cannabis comes from a reputable source, so be sure to always research for yourself. Here at Hive Medicinal, we work hard to bring the best, most up-to-date information and research to our customers. 

Read on to learn how we’ll debunk myths and misconceptions about hemp. 

1. You can get high on hemp.

This has to be the most common rumor we get asked about. No, hemp does not get you high. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the compound in cannabis that gives users the “high” effect. Marijuana can have up to 30% THC, but, by law, hemp can only have up to .3% THC. That means there’s not nearly enough THC to give you even the slightest psychoactive effect. 

2. Marijuana and hemp are the same plants.

This is another common myth. While both hemp and marijuana come from the same species (cannabis sativa), they come from different plants. The biggest difference is the lack of THC found in the hemp plant, as we just discussed.

Marijuana plants are used mostly for their medical and psychoactive components, but hemp is used for a variety of reasons. From building materials to textiles to biofuel, the hemp plant is a very durable fiber. It’s also used for medicinal properties and even food.

3. Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are the same.

Though the two are made using a similar process, CBD oil can have over .3% THC, while hemp oil cannot.

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4. Hemp plants are used to hide marijuana plants.

Some conspiracy theorists may have you believe that, in order to grow marijuana where it isn’t legal, farmers are using hemp to conceal the plants. Not only would this be unwise for a farmer who wants to be successful, but it also doesn’t make sense. 

First, hemp and marijuana plants cannot cross-pollinate, as it would potentially ruin a crop. Secondly, trained inspectors can easily spot the difference between the two plants with a simple survey. And finally, the two plants require two completely different growing conditions to thrive.

5. Hemp can be grown by anyone.

The USDA legalized the regulated use of hemp in 2018, but that only includes state monitored and regulated growing. In fact, the USDA ultimately has jurisdiction over all terms, restrictions, and licensing for growers.

6. There are no medical benefits of hemp.

“No proven health benefits” is a far cry from “no health benefits whatsoever.” With cannabis research still in its early stages, it’s difficult to guarantee any health benefits for the family of plants.

While more work needs to be done, numerous studies have shown cannabis has a positive treatment on conditions like anxiety, diabetes, PTSD, and more

7. Hemp is only good for making rope and clothing.

Hemp stalks make excellent rope, clothing, and other textiles. They can also be used for construction materials and even biofuel.

But that doesn’t mean that’s all hemp is good for…we can make use of this entire plant. The seeds are an excellent source of high quality protein, amino acids, fats, and dietary fiber. And hemp flowers are used medicinally. 

8. Hemp is either threatening or saving the world.

You’ve got to love myths that exist on both sides of the spectrum.

Hemp certainly isn’t threatening our water supply or the medical cannabis industry. It grows quickly and is hearty, drought-resistant, making it interesting for the world at large as a sustainable crop. Also, with a proper infrastructure, both hemp and medical marijuana can happily coexist.

Meanwhile, hemp probably isn’t going to save the world on its own either. Sure, there are plenty of benefits and versatility to the plant, but it unfortunately cannot do everything.

And there you have it…the 8 biggest myths and misconceptions about hemp. Which one did you think was true?!

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