How Medical Marijuana Can Help You Through the Long Maine Winter

on April 1, 2020

Since medical cannabis can help ease what ails you, Maine winters are a great time to treat your symptoms. That way, you can get outside and enjoy the snowy splendor.

Here’s how medical marijuana can help you through the long Maine winter.

Know How Cannabis Affects You

Before partaking in any outdoor activities, be sure you know how CBD or cannabis may affect you.

If you’re a regular user, you likely have an idea of what dosage you need; but as a new user, it’s a good idea to stick near home for the first time or two to get a good sense of how you are affected.

Remember the Law

In the state of Maine, it’s illegal to consume cannabis on public property, so it can only be done within your private residence. In addition, it’s unlawful to operate a vehicle under the influence of marijuana, so steer clear of driving or operating heavy machinery. 

Click here to get updated on the recent laws.

Stock Up

Stop by your local Maine dispensary and pick up your favorite medical marijuana and CBD products. If you’re new to cannabis, the dispensary staff will be able to help you decide how best to consume it.

Get Outdoors

Even during the winter months in Maine, there are plenty of activities to do outdoors.

If you’re using medical cannabis to ease joint pain or help with other types of pain relief, it will be the perfect medicine to get a walk in or go snowshoeing in your backyard winter wonderland. You may also be up for getting out with the kids to build a snowman or two!

At Hive Medicinal, we’d love to help with your medical marijuana needs as your local Maine dispensary. Take a look at our current products or, better yet, stop by in person!

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