8 Lesser Known Benefits of Medical Marijuana

on July 11, 2020

Whether you’re new or a veteran to the medical marijuana world, you likely have a good idea of what many of the healthy benefits of cannabis are. But what about the lesser known benefits?

Sure, you know all about the anxiety and pain benefits, but what about increased lung capacity and help for nightmares?

With all of the research consistently happening, there are plenty of new substantiated benefits for medical marijuana. While you’ll see many studies are ongoing, there is proof of all 8 benefits below.

1. Slow (and even stop) cancer

The benefits of increasing appetite and managing nausea in chemotherapy patients is well known. However, medical marijuana has also been shown to slow the growth of certain types of cancer cells and, in some cases, even stop new cancer growth.

2. Help with Hepatitis C treatment

With a number of severe side effects (including depression, nausea, loss of appetite, muscle aches, and more), Hepatitis C treatment is challenging for many patients. Cannabis is an excellent treatment for many of these side effects and has even been shown to help with the effectiveness of the treatment.

3. Help control seizures

There are ongoing studies on the use of CBD and marijuana showing that the medication can help regulate seizures in patients with epilepsy.

4. Helps ADHD/ADD 

Improving focus is a medical marijuana benefit, which of course helps those who suffer from ADD or ADHD. In addition, cannabis is often a healthier option for patients than common ADD/ADHD medications. 

5. Increased lung capacity

Studies have shown that smoking cannabis can actually increase both lung function and capacity. This benefit is likely from the long inhalations while smoking marijuana.

6. Help treat diabetes

With an ability to help regulate blood sugar and improve both blood pressure and circulation, medical marijuana is a powerful treatment for diabetes patients.

7. Protect the brain

Several studies have shown that cannabis can protect the brain from damage, including after a stroke, concussion, or other brain trauma. As you can imagine, these neuroprotective attributes have led researchers to study just how far these benefits could go.

8. Decrease nightmares

Medical marijuana has been known to decrease or even eliminate nightmares in patients who have severe chronic nightmares or PTSD. Though this is a result of a disrupted REM cycle sleep, it will help alleviate these symptoms. 

With all of these 8 additional benefits, medical marijuana may be just the way to treat your chronic condition. 

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