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The link between Hive and Top Secret has deep roots. When the time came to add a solventless lab to our lineup we went straight to Joey. He has a long track record in the cannabis community, and we accepted his skill set with open arms.

We built a first class Solventless lab and Joey went to work. Taking our in house grown strains like Cherry Punch and Viper Cookies, and turned them into single source, affordable hash rosin.

Cherry Punch by Top Secret Solventless

Cherry Punch Rosin

Cherry Punch is our most potent indica, so bringing it to you in the solvent less form was a no brainer!

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Dead Head Rosin by Top Secret

Dead Head OG Rosin

Check out our Dead Head OG Rosin, single source and loaded with terpenes!

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Medical Mass Rosin by Top Secret

Medical Mass Rosin

Our 1:1 CBD/THC strain, this is a true medical users rosin.

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La Kush Cake Rosin by Top Secret

La Kush Cake Rosin

Heavy hitting collaboration between Greenfellas and Top Secret!

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Clementine Rosin by Top Secret

Clementine Rosin

Our in house strain, chosen for its resin production is one of our finest examples of Hash Rosin. The Smell of this Clementine live rosin will blow you away.

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