What is Capital Cultivation?

Capital Cultivation is the result of our need to brand our flower as a product. One you can get in different parts of the state if you are traveling. Being from the capital area, we grew up seeing it daily, the big dome with the gold topper. It is a part of our lives.

If you walk through the woods behind our cultivation facility, to the banks of the Kennebec, you will have a clear view of the heart of our state, the capital building. Always within reach.

Naturally with all that influence for all these years we wanted to represent our area, and what it has to offer. Capital Cultivation was born. The in house flower producer for Hive Medicinal, and featured in stores across the state.

Some of the responsible practices that make Capital stand out include:

  • LED grow lights = Less energy consumption
  • Composting our own waste = Less waste in black bags in dumpster
  • 0 Pesticides used = No chance of patient sickness
Cherry Punch by Capital Cultivation

Cherry Punch

Cherry Punch is a Symbiotic Genetics strain. AK47 crossed with Purple Punch. Symbiotic Genetics bred this Indica dominant Hybrid grown by us!

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Capital Cultivation Placeholder

Dead Head OG

Check out our Dead Head OG! This is a pheno we hunted from seed. We sourced them at the 2014 Cannabis Cup from Cali Connection.

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Clementine by Capital Cultivation


Clementine is a Crockett Family Farms strain we hunted out. This is one of our most terpene rich strains.

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Mimosa by Capital Cultivation


Mimosa is one of the more commonly found strains we offer. Symbiotic Genetics bred this cup winner, we hunted this pheno.

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Medical Mass Capital Cultivation

Medical Mass

Our true medical strain, we went all the way to Amsterdam to get these seed from Royal Queen Seeds. We hunted out this awesome 1:1 THC/CBD pheno.

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