Why is Bud Washing Important?

When it comes to putting anything in your body, only the cleanest will do. From edibles to concentrates it is important to make sure you are not being exposed to residual solvents used by solvent based extractors. The residual solvents are measured in the form of PPM (particles per million). Some states allow up to 800PPM of solvents like propane, or butane in your concentrates.

This is where solventless hash rosin comes in. The process uses only ice cold water and heat to extract the trichome heads from the bud. This preserves the terpenes, in a non abrasive way, without the use of propane, butane or any other solvents.

Bud Washing Process

Bud Washing Services

When it comes to solventless extraction, Top Secret is Central Maine’s #1 choice for contract services.

In-house Bud Washing

In addition, we also offer bud washing services for your cannabis. Bring in your medical marijuana to our Chelsea, Maine store location and we will wash your buds for you! Patient or caregiver we can handle your volume!

From the moment you drop the bud off, it is cold stored, and prepped for washing. We then use the purest water and ice to hand wash your buds. The result? Amazing hash!

Fresh Rosin

Washed Hash to Rosin

To create our high quality rosin concentrate, we start by washing buds and then freeze drying the resulting hash. Once we have our product dry, we use a rosin press, with heat plates to extract the finest THC. We collect the rosin and prepare it for your pickup!

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