5 Benefits of Dabbing: Why Dabbing Might Be Your Next Favorite Way to Consume Cannabis

on May 11, 2021

If you haven’t read our Beginner’s Guide to Dabbing yet, start there first!

For pros and newbies alike, dabbing medical marijuana may be intimidating at first. But many users like it more than any other method – and rightly so. There are a ton of great reasons to love dabbing. 

5 Benefits of Dabbing Your Cannabis Concentrates

1. Smokeless

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of dabbing is that it’s a healthier option than its smoking counterpart.

As you know, smoking marijunana can be dangerous for the lungs, as both toxic resin and hazardous smoke from burning plant matter can lead to lung damage.

Since dabbing is inhaling a concentrate vapor (rather than smoke), it is much cleaner than smoking a joint or even a vaporizer. Plus, most dabbing methods don’t cause an odor, like traditional smoking can.

2. Fast & effective

If you’re looking for cannabis that’s fast acting and effective at treating your symptoms, dabbing could be your answer.

Since dabbing uses concentrates, the dosage is much higher than you might find with other methods. For those with acute illnesses, diseases, or symptoms, using the dabbing method will help the marijuana hit your system more quickly.

3. Flavorful

Since you have more control over the temperature your cannabis concentrate reaches using a dab rig, you’re able to enjoy the richest flavor possible.

Steady, low temperatures will add to your overall enjoyment while using, so you can really taste the flavor in your concentrate. 

4. Efficient

Dab rig design allows for the most efficient use of your concentrate. By using a carb cap on your rig, it will create a seal around the banger or nail, creating an oven-like vessel at a low temperature.  

This causes your concentrate to evaporate quickly – but efficiently. Then, all of the terpenes and cannabinoids will vaporize completely as you dab.

5. Innovative

As it has grown in popularity, dabbing marijuana has also caused increased interest in other technological advancements. For both cannabis extraction and consumption, industry experts are continuously trying to find new ways for users to enjoy and treat with medical marijuana.

These 5 benefits might have you ready to try dabbing. Don’t forget to check out our handy Beginner’s Guide to Dabbing if you’re just starting out!

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