4 Things You Should Know About Live Resin

on February 20, 2021

Live resin, commonly confused with resin, is a concentrated form of medical marijuana well known for a full, robust flavor and high THC levels. 

Interested in giving it a try? Here are 4 things you should know about live resin.

1. Live resin is amongst the highest quality cannabis you can get.

Since live resin is created by flash freezing fresh cannabis, the process ensures that the original quality is kept intact. Professionals will cryogenically freeze the plant, then use lab-grade equipment to immediately extract liquid resin.

During other extraction processes, the quality of the marijuana can be lost during drying and curing. That means that with live resin, you’ll be able to enjoy the full aroma and flavors that the plant has to offer, thanks to the preservation of trichomes.

2. Live resin is different from other concentrates. 

Other concentrates, like shatter and rosin, have lower terpene content. The lower terpene levels typically don’t have the same complex flavor profile or nearly such a complex experience either.

3. Live resin comes in different varieties.

Often a dark yellow color, live resin can sometimes be found in a number of variations. In general, however, you’ll find live resins are extremely sticky, but not quite a taffy consistency. They’ll range from sugars and jellies to butters to the more solid shatters.

While the extraction process causes variation in how the final product looks, all live resin is consistent by being very potent and flavorful.

4. Live resin can be consumed in a few different ways.

Like many other forms of cannabis, it’s up to your personal preference when consuming live resin. Like other concentrates, dabbing is a popular technique. Using a dab rig, torch, and nail (or electronic nail), you’ll be able to preserve the terpenes and flavor within your live resin.

You can also vape live resin with a dab pen or with a vape pen that allows a live resin cartridge.

Live resin is becoming a more popular option for medical marijuana users everywhere. Keep these four things in mind as you explore the world of live resin.

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